Margaret Atwood's Ecofeminism

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authorizes oppression based on race, class, gender, sexuality, physical abilities and species is the same ideology that sanctions the oppression of nature. The patriarchal society considers men are superior to women; ‘nature’ inferior to culture and human beings are often superior to natural environment. Ecofeminism has made particularly useful analysis of power relations, rejects any form of hierarchy. Ecological feminism or ecofeminism, is an inter disciplinary movement that calls for a new way of thinking about politics, nature and spirituality. Ecofeminism is the multicultural perceptive aspects about women and nature. With the reference to third wave feminism, ecofeminism is the combination of feminism, ecology and women’s spirituality. Patrick Murphy comments the relationship between ecology and feminism as, To be a feminist, one must also be an…show more content…
She has created awareness against the exploitation of nature through her writings. After colonization, England has dominated the major parts of the world, deprived the resources from various countries, and transported them to England. After 1940s many writers of different countries including Canada has tried to protect nature through their writings and Atwood is one among them. Many of her novels have great concern for nature by setting the plot in forest. She believes that her ecofiction will create awareness among the people of Canada to protect nature. She knows that natural resources are the great of treasure of her country. American imperialism on Canada is the major threat to the resources of Canada. Americans destroys the nature for extending their national borders and laying railway lines. As the water resources in America is decreasing, the have plans to take pure water from the lakes of Canada. Canada is the country of various natural resource and their people consider them as major treasure to their

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