Ecological Feminism And Ecofeminism

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authorizes oppression based on race, class, gender, sexuality, physical abilities and species is the same ideology that sanctions the oppression of nature. The patriarchal society considers men are superior to women; ‘nature’ inferior to culture and human beings are often superior to natural environment. Ecofeminism has made particularly useful analysis of power relations, rejects any form of hierarchy. Ecological feminism or ecofeminism, is an inter disciplinary movement that calls for a new way of thinking about politics, nature and spirituality. Ecofeminism is the multicultural perceptive aspects about women and nature. With the reference to third wave feminism, ecofeminism is the combination of feminism, ecology and women’s spirituality. Patrick Murphy comments the relationship between ecology and feminism as, To be a feminist, one must also be an ecologist, because the domination and oppression of women and nature are inextricably intertwined. To be an ecologist, one must also be a feminist, since without addressing gender oppression and the patriarchal ideology that generates the sexual metaphors of masculine domination of nature, one cannot effectively challenge the world views that threaten the stable evolution of the biosphere in which human beings participate or perish. (1995: 48) Canadian literature reflects the social conditions and the problems faced by the people of Canada. Canadian literature has shared the movements of British and American literary history

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