Ecological Model Of Self Esteem

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It is said that our thoughts and behaviour, as human beings, are influence by people around and the social influences in which a situation occur. Therefore the different aspects of our behaviour is as a result of the ecological model, which is the; individual, family, school, community, society and the culture. The interactions and the impacts between an individual and the ecological model are integrated in the study of social psychology. Social psychology is a scientific discipline that seeks to understand the nature and causes of human behavior in the social environment. Therefore focus on the factors that influence people to behave the way they do in the presence of their social, and it also examines the circumstances under which certain…show more content…
Therefore, my questions are; “How does the information broadcast affects our self-esteem?” “How does it affect our cognition?” and “How does it affect social movement?” The media and self-esteem Self-esteem is defined as one personal self-assessment, it is the valve and worth in which a person has for his or her self. According to (Braden, 1969), there are three key components of self-esteem: 1. Self-esteem is an essential human need that is vital for survival and normal, healthy development. 2. Self-esteem arises automatically from within based upon a person's beliefs and consciousness. 3. Self-esteem occurs in conjunction with a person's thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and actions. Other theorists such as Abraham Maslow stated that self-esteem is vital in a person development and is classified as the fourth need in his theory of the hierarchy of needs. In addition Mr. Maslow proposed it is important to have that inner respect in order to have self-esteem; however the environment plays a significant role to a person’s self-esteem (Cherry,…show more content…
The social cognition theory is a psychological model of behavior that was emerged from the work of Albert Bandura. This theory mainly focuses on individual environment and how the environment influences an individual behavior (Denler, Wolters, & Benzon, 2014). Mr. Bandura is very famous for the Bobo Doll experiment. This experiment shows how strong environmental influences are on individual behavior. He demonstrated this by showing how easy it is for children to learn aggression. After that experiment, Mr. Bandura did another experiment where he allow children to watch violent videos, then put them in a room with Bobo dolls and observed that children surprisingly are more violent after watching these videos (McLeod, 2014). With this experiment in mind, how dos the media affect our social cognition? In 2007 Jamaica experience an out-break with violence in school, as a result Professor Wendel Abel wrote an article I the gleaner and he stated (Abel,

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