Ecological Perspective On Family Violence

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Understandably, the ecological perspective is appropriate to analyze family violence because it highlights an important influence that relates to the development of family violence at many levels. Firstly according to the microsystem, the understanding of family violence would be viewed as influenced by the interaction that the abuser has with other group members of the family or the whole family system in general. Members of a family share the same microsystem however, their personality traits and temperaments are different, meaning their experiences in the same system can be different ("What is Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory?", 2013). For example, a stressed parent can take out their anger on one child and not the other, making their experiences within that particular family system different. A stressed parent might inflict physical abuse or neglect their child simply because he/she is stressed from what is going on in the family dynamic. The direct influence is the family life/structure that is triggering stress and forming some sort of family abuse or violence. It is important to note that children are not the direct cause for the violence; it is the circumstances of the family and the members that have influence. A child’s inappropriate behavior at school can cause inappropriate behavior at home and stress to…show more content…
Examining family violence at the ecological perspective is beneficial because it pays attention to the surroundings of the family. The ecological systems theory emphasizes the role of stressors that cause the problem of family violence. The many influential systems of the ecological perspective address every level of influence in order to understand the problem, something that other theories do not do; examine individuals at every level of interaction. The contribution of this perspective is important in understanding family
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