Ecological Systems Theory In The Movie

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INTRODUCTION This course requires an examination of the addicted person in terms of the systems that they interact with. Through the use of the Ecological Systems Theory, an examination will be made of the facets and factors that affect various systems depicted in the film Traffic (2000). For the purpose of this paper a short review of the movie will be depicted. This is done in an attempt to provide background information for the imminent discussion. In addition to that, a brief outline will be provided of the Ecological Systems Theory so as to provide a clear understanding of the theory that has to be applied to the Movie. Finally, an examination will be made of the Microsystem as it relates to the addicted character in the movie. In constructing this paper, it is hoped that the reader will be able to garner a more comprehensive understanding of the effect an individual’s environment has on shaping not only that individual but the choices that they have available to them and are able to make and also on the overall outcome of their lives. A Review of the Movie – TRAFFIC (2000) This film gives us an inside look at America 's war on drugs. It was told through the depiction of four separate stories that are connected in some way or another. The film begins in Mexico, where police officer Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez and his partner Manolo stop a drug transport and arrest the drivers. However, their arrest is interrupted by General Salazar, a high-ranking Mexican

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