Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory Essay

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and it made me feel like a can make a difference in the world, even if it is only one child at a time.
6. Theory and Knowledge
It is evident that the school environment and the educators has a major impact on learners development and their behavior throughout their schooling career, however most theorist agree that there are a lot of external factors and the learners environment that has the most impact on them. Bradbury (2007) links the family environment as well as the environment they find themselves in economically to be of utmost importance in the development of the child. Poverty and how it influences a child should be considered in the classroom environment. One should educate themselves on the different theories to establish a resourceful approach in helping learners achieve their full potential.
6.1 Ecological theory
Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) ecological theory explains that a person’s relationships and environment plays a vital role in their development. Bronfenbrenner looks at four systems, namely, the micro-, meso-, exo- and macrosystems (see Figure 1.1).
Figure 1.1: Bronfenbrenner’s Ecosystemic model layout (Adapted from Eisenmann, Gentile, Welk, Callahan, Strickland and Walsh, 2008, p. 223)
6.1.1 The microsystem
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Based on my experience the main influence regarding the child’s barrier to learning was the death of his father. Emotionally he did not know how to deal with his pain and it turned into anger. By having sessions with the physiologist helped him to deal with this issue. Due to the fact that his mother now was the only bread winner in the home, she did not have the time or the energy to give him attention that he needed so much. After having spoken to her about it, the grandmother stepped into a kind of mother figure role for
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