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California’s environment Ecology of Fear by Mike Davis gives us a very real and perhaps over the top view at the trouble California’s environment is in but they provide interesting parallels to other issues in California. Arguments provided in Ecology of Fear are very fascinating for example is theory that Los Angeles being destroyed could be a metaphor to humans actually destroying the city and state. Mike Davis describes in his book how a woman describes animals like cougars as “serial killers” who’s numbers should be cut down but do not stop living or walking through their territory. Also he goes into detail about how humans put themselves in harms way by living in areas notorious for wildfire and earthquakes, and moving into territories…show more content…
Mike Davis’s arguments are compelling because they do have truth to them, humans only suppress problems they do not solve them. The underestimation of nature by humans is what makes them surprised when tragedies like earthquakes, fires, and animal attacks weird. The illusions of control and safety we give ourselves hurt us; solutions suppress problems for example with gated neighborhoods. I agreed with his argument because of our encroachment on territory and over development of land. Humans are going to have accepted that we are hurting the environment and we cannot control what happens. Davis provides us with a very blunt and perhaps over the top explanation of the situation California is but without an explanation like this we will never take notice. Ecology of Fear by Mike Davis should be a wake up call for us in California that we do not live in a world. We should fear the environment not because does something disastrous, we should fear for what it can do and Mike Davis delivers on this point in Ecology of

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