Ecommerce In The Global Economy

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SME plays very important roles in the global economy. They account for more than 95% of registered firm in the world. Organisations have realized the increasing impact of new technology. This has allowed many organisations to have competitive advantage over their competitors. It is a challenge to be able to keep pace with the ever changing dynamic environment while maintaining the competitive advantage. It allows for better information for better decision making. Today in most business and commerce, IT has taken the form of Ecommerce. Ecommerce is a major innovation for entrepreneurs. White (2007) added that internet is pretty much effective in attracting literate people .Ecommerce is becoming a key determinant of competitiveness
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According to central statistics office (CSO), the SMEs employ around 250 000 men and women who produce some 120 billion rupees worth of output and contributing 37 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Mauritius. This statistics has proved how much SMEs are important to the progression of the Mauritian economy. Furthermore, SMEs are also considering globalization as an opportunity to expand and better serve the world market. This is becoming more promising due to the advancement and innovation in Ecommerce. Ecommerce in SMEs has enable them to bridge the gap between the local country and foreign market as well as in local market closer to its customer in order to better satisfy wants and…show more content…
This dissertation will provide up to date information about SMEs current state in Mauritius, research based information about future possible trends in Ecommerce and possible innovation in technology in Ecommerce.
Research questions
How innovation in ecommerce will help SMEs to have cutting edge competitive advantage in the economy?

1. Evaluate the acceptance and practice of ecommerce within SMEs.

2. Understand SME`s barriers and enablers to the use of Ecommerce through articles, newspapers, interviews and surveys.

3. Gain specific knowledge of the uses of e commerce for SMEs in business through interviews, publications and company information.

4. To assess if whether the ecommerce support SMEs in gaining competitive

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