Economic Advantage Of South Korea

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• South Korea’s economic advantage through Hallyu as its soft power As many countries in Asia experienced an economic collapse during the 1997 financial crisis, South Korea tried to look at a different approach on how to bring its monetary state back to normal. Through the increasing popularity of Hallyu as its soft power, South Korea utlized it as a promotional tool for marketing the products of economic values. It can be seen in two ways, such as an attraction in the tourism industry and the marketing of South Korean cultural and commercial products to various countries. Cultural and commercial products can be seen as the way South Korea enhances its image and role in the international community. The amount of export products of American culture to all corners of the world with only from the movie sector alone can be used as an illustration that cultural exports is able to contribute a great value for the income of a country. South Korea has then followed the track by increasing its export in cultural products such as the media which includes Korean dramas, music or more commonly known as K-pop, and technology. South Korea’s primary agenda for the 21st century would be to obtain a prominent position in the global economy, mainly against Japan. The entire Asian continent including South-East Asia nations and India is immensely excited about the Korean television shows and movies. Successfully wrapping the Asian cultural values in the modern style of the stories is

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