Economic Issues In Spain

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In southwestern Europe there is a country that is known rich and wealthy, but it is economically poor. This country is Spain. Spain is known for having a vast land. The weather is a disadvantage for the people who live there. In the winter it is extremely cold and in the summer it is very hot. The weather and the poor soil draws back from Spain many resources. Only 10% of the land in Spain contains rich soil, and that limits the quantity and the quality of the agriculture in Spain. The country has many summer droughts that effect not only the whole land, but it also effects the small portion of land that contains good soil. Spain contains around 50.5 million hectares of land, only 40 percent, 20.6 million, can be used for cultivation even…show more content…
Spain in the late 1920s, 57 percent of the population worked in the agricultural part of Spain. This number kept on decreasing each year by 10 percent until 1950. By 1980, the percentage of people working in the agricultural part of Spain had decreased to 15 percent. Most of the population of Spain stopped working in land and started to look for industries to work in. This means that many of the land that are considered poor soil is turned into industries. In 1920 there were around 20 percent, but by 1985 there were around 52 percent worked in industries. Moving from agriculture to industries, helped and increased the states economic structure. In 2013, there is around 23,281,641 people working in Spain between the age 15 and older that are certified that they can work. There is a high employment rate in Spain, but unemployment is one of the main issues that Spain faces until now. Even though there is a decrease of the unemployment rate from 23.78 to 23.37 in 2015, it causes one of the biggest problems in their economy. The issue of unemployment was due to low wages and stressing higher productivity. This is one of the biggest weaknesses for the country. It is one of the weaknesses because this reduces the production of all products and the human resources available in the country, Spain. They are not using all the resources available, so it is an inefficient use of
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