Economic And Social Effects Of The Black Death In Europe

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Dmitry Allport 2/4/16 The Black Death The Black Death stands out as the most dramatic and lifestyle changing during this century. It began in 1347 and in three years it killed one third of the population. There were several causes for why the Black Death was so deadly and it affected Europe for decades following. It is estimated that the Black Death killed 25 million people. It had a bigger impact than any other disease in history. In October 1337 ships were loading to the docks and there were rats on the ships so when they unloaded everything the rats got off the boat and started to spread the disease all over Europe. The rats carried fleas and the fleas carried the disease. Between China and Europe…show more content…
The churches lost their power from keeping people in their church. The people form the churches questioned god why he started the Black Death. They also blamed the Jews for doing witchcraft, and they were accused of manipulating the sources of water. The Jews suffered violent attacks, and many left and never returned. The animals were left to die and the plants were left to die also. So this led to starvation. When the Black Death was around the economic effects the people fled the cities, and their friends and family. The goods like clothing, foods, water were not available so the prices went up. People stopped also trading so there were not that much goods available. With so many people dying the amount of people able to do work decreased. This made the wages for the workers really high. The idea of a self-working for a master disappeared. The damage caused by the Black Death took Europe several years to recover from. It started because of an increased in trade with Asia and ended with Europe in a depression with people losing all their faith in religion. The population was drastically decreased by a disease no one
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