Civil War Economic Causes

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Notably, economic causes were major predicaments during the American civil war. These were the grounds of the civil war that affected the two regions in many ways. Within time, economic variations developed vastly between the two parts of the two regions. The Southern states depended much on farming than in industrialization. After the invention of the Cotton Gin, there as a greater necessity for persons and property, thus this made cotton the chief year’s produce of the South. The South was able to produce 7/8 of the worlds cotton supply. The South became more dependent on the planted field system and it’s full of force part, slavery. Notably, at that moment, the North was flourishing industrially. The North depended on factories and others …show more content…

After four long years, the Unions won the war which saw to it that both parties ended up as a united nation once again. The North overpowered and defeated the South due to a number of reasons as illustrate below. To begin with, the fact that the South majored in agriculture made them to be left behind in terms of industrialization, an important factor during the civil war since fabricated merchandise was highly regarded than agricultural products. The North was therefore privileged to be in a better position in production of armory since it was able to host firms that manufactured ammunitions and war locomotives. The South was poorer, since cotton was no longer making ready income and they only had a few manufacturing origins. As a result, they were always unequipped and could not keep up. The North therefore used more efficient weapons while the South used ancient weapons. Furthermore, the North was more populated than the thus those wounded in war were easily replaced by the North as opposed to the South. The Civil War lasted longer than it was anticipated. The American Civil War lasted longer than it was inescapable because of the considerable crevice between the warring parties socially, economically and politically. The American Civil War temporarily came to an end on 13th May 1865, after the conquest of Virginia which resulted to the surrender of the confederates. In conclusion, The American Civil War (12th April 1861-13th April 1865), was a civil war fought in The United States of America. Some of the factors that instigated the war were the prevalent controversial slavery, protectionism, territorial crisis, state rights, and national elections among others. The Civil war ended lives of many Americans than in any other American war from the frontier time frame throughout the late period of The Vietnam

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