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Human Trafficking If your child is kidnapped and sold as a human slave the USA government does not guarantee your kid to be found by them just think of how that would make you feel towards them. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that affects many peoples life. Not only does it affect them while they are going through it but it will affect them in everyday life for as long as they live. So just imagine how many children of other people's families are affected by this phenomenon. Human trafficking is a number of different things such as being sex slaves, child soldiers, or just out right slaves.There are many laws that try and prevent human trafficking however these laws are not enough to eliminate it. There are many economic factors…show more content…
“Human trafficking is the 3rd most committed crime world wide”(Yun). Obviously that means this crime is being committed all over the place. Also so many people are being exploited by this crime because these people are forced and that is a crime that’s committed so there are so many people suffering from this. Like seriously why we focus all of our attention to the cartels and illegal drugs but human trafficking is also a very widespread crime and nothing is being done about it.But with it being a widely committed crime there aren’t many people being held responsible for it. “Only 5 prosecutions in the United States for sex trafficking last year”(Kieran). So that means only 5 people in the whole United States faced punishment for trafficking humans. But it’s the third most committed crime in the world but only five people faced punishment. That should literally say that there is nowhere near enough being done if that many people are still going unpunished. Just five to put that in perspective that means in order for that to do anything one person being prosecuted would have to be committing human trafficking of 8 million people. Human Trafficking also includes slavery which the United Nations as a whole has agreed to make it illegal.”There are still countries who have not made it illegal to traffic humans and they are the most heavily involved in the crime and they…show more content…
The United Nations have made any form of human trafficking a crime against humanity. “ The minimum amount of jail time is 20 years in a federal prison and most cases it is the death penalty”(Kyrkos). So the UN put human trafficking under that definition to hope that the punishment would scare them away from doing it. But it doesn’t it doesn’t do anything. The reasoning is because once it’s committed no one will likely face punishment. Also there have been laws made to protect the victims from criminal prosecution.”The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 as amended, is arguably the most important anti-trafficking law ever passed. The TVPA and its subsequent reauthorizations, define a human trafficking victim as a person induced to perform labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud, or coercion”(Trafficking Victims Protection). This was big because most victims did not want to step forward and be punished for being forced. But since the act has been passed there have been many more victims to step forward helping police track down and arrest more people who are
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