Economic Development Case Study

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1.0 Objective

The main objectives of this study is to review existing hydro lakes development and how the management.

2.0 Scope of Works

2.1 Economic Profile
This section will describe the economic profile of the study area. Among other, the profiling will include
a)The main economic activities within the catchment of the study area
b)The significance of the economic activities and its impact on both the human and environment factors within the study catchment
c)The potentials of the economic activities, current and future, and how it will impact the human and environment factors within the study area
2.2 Economic Impact
The study will identify and assess the economic impact of carrying out the watershed management plan

2.3 Economic
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Among others the study will
a)Identify the most suitable economic activities to be promoted within the study area
b)Assess the various opportunities that can generate economic activities to benefit the communities within the river basin catchment
c)Establish the economic development model

2.4 Business Model
The objective of the business model is to identify the optimum commercially-viable economic activities that have the ability to be self-sustaining, financially, while generate a modern economy within the four lakes catchments. Among others, the study will

a)Identify the most suitable business model to ensure a financially self-sustaining economic activities,
b)Identify commercially viable economic activities suitable for the communities at the four lakes
c)Establish the business model for development

2.5 Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Sensitivity Analysis (SA)
Among other, the study team shall undertake the CBA and SA.

3.0 Methodology

3.1 Economic
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Like the FGD, the intention is to gather stakeholders feedbacks on the issues related to economic activities.

3.5 Economic Profiling
This is the main exercise of the study. Through profiling, the study will be able to identify the economy of the study area and measure the significance of the economic activities; impact on the community in particular and the division in general.

3.6 Impact Assessment
The study will assume the impact assessment method to measure the impact of the economic activities to employment and income generation. Impact assessment applies both on existing economic activities and potential activities. From this assessment, the study will be able to identify the most significant economic activities and recommends the future activities most suitable for the study area.

3.7 Structural Equation Model (SEM)
SEM will be used to generate both the economic development model and business model. This exercise is recent in economic modelling among locals researchers but is considered as one of the most effective techniques.

3.8 Cost-Benefit Analysis

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