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YISHENG ZHANG MACROECONOMICS - WRITING ESSAY FEBRUARY 27, 2017 Walmart, as one of the world’s largest company it’s corporation contains grocery shopping, pharmacy, electronic sales, an outside garden etc. It is very convenient for people all around the world and low income families who are unable to afford other expensive goods made in the United States. Since Walmart is considered a world wide’s supermarket, it has investments outside of the United States such as in China, United Kingdom, and south America. When the prices are less, people are able to afford these products and throughout the century, it’s easy to tell that Walmart has made a huge impact in the United States economy. However, Walmart…show more content…
Due to the fact that there are more customers, there must be more employees. However, Walmart does not offer their employees a health care policy like other companies do, the workers are usually force to use public assistance in order to take their job. As how it is stated, Walmart does have an awful health care policy. As records shows, since Walmart is so convenient, everyone goes there to buy all the groceries, it made a lot of small businesses to shut down. In the economy, Walmart takes over a large amount of customers who wants to buy products due to their low price. This makes all the small business goes down due to price structure. For example, if Walmart and a small store is all around the corner, any customer would still choose to go to Walmart because it is larger, it has a variety of choices to choose from, it has more lanes to pay which saves less time, it has a huge parking lot, and it is cost in a cheaper price. All of these are reasons of why people should choose Walmart rather than small businesses. Another cons about Walmart is that it’s been too diverse. They invested so much companies throughout other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, and China. These attributes all have pros and cons due to the fact that it’s in a different country. It is true that the economy is increasing by every second, but also problems are easy to see throughout the…show more content…
Records show due to Walmart is all around the place, gross domestic prices have gone up in an amount. Even though Walmart set up bad labor and gives bad opportunities to their employees, customers still thinks it is very convenient due to the low price. Since it is all around the corner, it is easy for people to walk in and walk out in any minute. The shopping carts are also a useful tool for customers to pick up their products, they also have small drive shopping carts for disables so they can even come to the store without any help. Nothing is better than Walmart in my opinion. All my families goes to Walmart due to fresh fruits and vegetables which makes everyone’s life easier. At last, the lanes are fast enough that whenever you finish paying and put all the groceries in your own vehicles. you can always put your shopping cart underneath a tree or in their cart lot. It’s convenient and everyone loves it. Walmart, where you shop

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