Essay On Environmental Sanitation In Combodia

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Economic factor in COMBODIA

In 2011, Cambodia's population was 14.3 million. In 2010 the median age was 22.9 years. The majority of the population (80.5%) reside in rural areas, practicing traditional wet rice cultivation and other forms of agriculture. The Khmer make up 90% of the population and mostly live in the lowlands. Other ethnic groups include Vietnamese, Chinese, Cham-Malay and other diverse ethnic minority peoples.
The healthsystem in Cambodia has undergone several periods of changes. After independence in 1953,the number of health services and facilities rose three-fold. The 1980s saw a period of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the health system following the Khmer Rouge regime, with a special effort
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Recent interventionalstudies on environmental sanitation in India highlighted the importance of prioritizingcontrol strategies. Research related to the appropriate cost-effective interventionstrategies and their implementation in Indian context is a big challenge.
Environmental sanitation envisages promotion of health of the community by providingclean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. It depends on various factors thatinclude hygiene status of the people, types of resources available, innovative andappropriate technologies according to the requirement of the community,socioeconomic development of the country, cultural factors related to environmentalsanitation, political commitment, capacity building of the concerned sectors, socialfactors including behavioral pattern of the community, legislative measures adopted, andothers.
India is still lagging far behind many countries in the field of environmental sanitation.The unsanitary conditions are appalling in India and need a great sanitary awakeningsimilar to what took place in London in the mid-19th century.
Improvement in sanitation requires newer strategies and targeted interventions withfollow-up

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