Technology In Russia Essay

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2) Technology
Technology has come to occupy a very important factor in determining the national power of a country. A technologically advanced country can out-maneuver the abilities of technologically weaker country. Even Britain’s conquest of the world was enabled by its huge technological advancement. Industrial technology, communication technology and military technology today form the heart of national power.

• Industrial Technology: It adds to economic progress of the country as it enables its goods to be more efficient, more durable and more competitive than the rest. Russia is an industrialized country with modern industrial technology.
Its major modern industrial capabilities are in industries like: Oil and Gas (state giant Rosneft), Aircraft building (Sukhoi and Tupolev), Arms manufacturing (Kalashnikov), Electrical engineering, Automobile manufacturing (AvtoVAZ and GAZ), agricultural machinery, foodstuff industry, paper and pulp manufacturing, space technology etc. After the retiring of NASA’s space shuttle program, Russia’s Soyuz rockets are the only travel option to
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II. Defense Industry

Russia is one of the global leaders in defense exports and has a large sophisticated indigenous defense industry. Russian defense industry employs 2.5 to 3 million people. Also, it is the second largest conventional arms exporter in the world. It’s share in the global arms exports are 27% closely behind USA’s whose share is 31% of the world’s arms exports and having a revenue of over $8 billion per year. Also Russian arms exports grew by 37% between 2010-2014 whereas USA’s exports grew by only 23% between 2010-2014.

III. Mining

Russia is a storehouse of minerals and thus is abundant in minerals and thus has a significant mining
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