Civil War Social Factors

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The American Civil War took place in 1861-1865 between the northern and southern states in America. The trigger of this conflict was due to the fact that the Northern states had been creating more factories and businesses, therefore producing a greater income. However, in the South – the local people had been utilizing African-Americans as slaves for their plantation and labor work. The people of the Northern states wanted to change human rights in the whole country, however the Southerners did not agree as this as they would lose more wealth and their independence. Thus, the economic factors outweighed the political and social aspects that influenced the Civil War. Prior to the Civil War, the Southern states were still in greater disadvantage…show more content…
The impact of the antislavery movement triggered violence and riots in society due to the opposition to equality of slaves. This was seen in many areas especially from heads of colleges and universities, as they wanted to suppress the antislavery movement. Socially, this created upheaval in the southern states as use of human labor was a way of life for the wealthy. However, it was also unfortunate that the leaders and organizers who initiated this violence were well-respected individuals such as lawyers, bankers, doctors and political…show more content…
They used slaves for plantation and labor work, however as Abraham Lincoln disagreed with the expansion of slavery – this impacted on the economy greatly as majority of the society did not agree with his decision. This initiated the civil war, as Southerners and the seven states that seceded from the union did not agree to this, as they would lose more money and their
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