Government Censorship In China

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Over the past 30 years China has risen from the rubble, it has undergone a social, economic, political and environmental change so quickly that it astonishes the rest of the world. In the blink of an eye, it has become the manufacturing capital of the world. China has proven that it is possible to have a communist-capitalist government system. Although the transformation China has undergone is unbelievable, the country has also run into many problems along the way like overpopulation, environmental issues causing the economic growth is starting to slow down. China has had the largest ongoing migration in history, currently the government is planning to move 250 million people from farms to urban cities (New York Times). This creates a drastic…show more content…
“The government censoring and blocking everything against the ruling communist party,” (How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?) is the reason behind why the people haven’t been informed of how things function in the outside world. This has helped the government until this point in history because the citizens just listen to the authorities and have no access to the outside flow of information. “Words like democracy and revolt are blocked from the internet,”(How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?) and the news agencies in China are only “ allowed to release only state-approved news”(How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?). There have been cases where journalists have had their license taken away because they published something which had not been approved by the government (How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?). By trying to control the people too much, the Chinese government will eventually lose all power in the country. We live in the technological era and it is only going to become harder for the Chinese government to control what information the citizens have access…show more content…
In the past ten years, China has created dozens of polluted megacities. The polluted air has endangered the millions of inhabitants in China's overpopulated cities. There are many aspects of the environment that have been polluted or destroyed. The most important one of these is the water in China. China is “polluting the little bit of water they have left” (The Economist). They also don't recycle the water used in the industry (The Economist). This polluted water causes health issues and the spread of diseases. This is a very important fact because if China runs out of water, there is no way the country could continue to function. All environmentalists agree that China is getting by on a tiny amount of water and that percentage of water is decreasing (The Economist). “In 1970, China had 50,000 rivers and now those rivers have had water extracted from them due to agriculture and industry” (The Economist). China needs to be more concerned with the environment and not only the urbanization of the
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