Essay On The Gilded Age Of China

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With the unbelievable speed of the development of the national transportation system and the speedy industrial growth, the United States was undergoing an incredibly economic growth during the late nineteenth century. The railroad rapidly spread all over the states and the middle class was experiencing remarkably prosperity. But behind the beautiful and glamorous cover, in the shadow of that age, the poverty of the labors; the corruption of the government; the challenges of the American democracy, were latent crisis that made the age gilded. China today is experiencing uniquely similarity of the Gilded Age of the US, and it looks exactly like a shadow of it. Highly developing transportation system; booming of the industry; progressive middle-class;…show more content…
Both of them break through the institutional barriers, and had a long-term economic growth. After the civil war, the northern industrial and commercial capitalists hold federal regime, the true sense of the unified national capitalist market development, encourage various industrial development and western development measures and the second revolution of science and technology combination. American economy realizes the rare history big economy on long-term growth in 1870 was 75.3% GDP in the UK. In 1913, USA catches up with the key period of England. The total American GDP increased 5.26 times, the British grew by only 2.24 times so America has become the undisputed world economic powers. In 1977, China was ranked 13th in the world, but 2nd in 2015. The population of the poor people of China decreased from 2.5 billion to 20 million. The foreign exchange reserves of China changed from $1.67 billion to $10.663 billion. The total import and export volume of China increased from $206 billion to $17607 billion. The massive changes are happing to a short time just after 2000, the rising of China takes China to the “Gilded Age”. In conclusion, both China and America concentrated on the development of the economic development and ignored the inequalities of society, economic and political and just make the countries into an ostensible and flashy prosperity and full of greedy and corruption in the government for a long time. But now they make great improvements to change it and become better

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