Economic Impact Of Globalisation

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Globalisation also known as boundaries where people can travel or even migrants all over the world. The media from different country can be reach to the door of most the houses. Huge capital or advanced technologies and those multinational companies is the one that dominate globalisation. A lot of multinational companies are from the western and recently the governance manage to establish laws and regulations. Besides, those multinational companies have to follow the market demand or utilize those country local image and products because the loyalties of that market. Followed by the increasing of globalisation, not only western that dominate the globalisation but China, India, Russia, Brazil are growing their economic and developing the country, they actually essentially changing the balance of world economy. Other than economic, travel, media and get to contact with foreign culture or ideas are from the internet. Internet is one of the main reason of the boosting globalisation and it is frequently being use by individual and those companies. Due to the impact of globalisation there is an anti-globalisation organisation all over the world. Anti-globalisation which only focusing on the state interest as well as pursue to stop deliver goods and manpower overseas said by Adrian Davies. According to Aurifeille, Jacques-Marie, Medlin, Christopher J., Tisdell, Clement A, globalisation of the economy in the world is increasing no matter on financial crisis or human. Due to the

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