Economic Impact On Wildlife Tourism

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2.2 Review of the related researcher
2.2.1 Social Exchange Theory
In order to help to explain futher detail about the local communities perception towards the wildlife tourism impact there are a theory that can be used as a guideline to understand more about it. For this purpose there are several models and also theories that had been developed in order to help the researcher and the reader more understand about the resident’s perception towards the tourism development and the impact that the tourism bring together. Among the models and theories that are developed are stakeholders theory, power theory, social exchange theory, Doxey’s irridex model, butler’s, the tourist area life cycle model and others. These model and theories also can help
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In tourism industry, local communities are one of the most important stakeholder that can give an effect towards the development and the success of the tourism activity. That is why, it is important to know the local communities perception towards it. Besides that, it is also known that the wildlife tourism can give a potential benefits and advantage to the local residents adjoining both forest and non-forest conservation reserves (Rastogi et al., 2015) . The impact of the wildlife tourism can be in various impact such as economics, socials, environment, culture and others.
1 Other than that, the local communities also have a perception that the tourism activities should bring more advantages and benefits towards the residents from the economics aspects. The tourism activities bring a development towards the place around it in order to satisfied and meet the tourist expectation during the visit the development will be doing in the place. Through the development that come together the local communities are very thankfull for it especially for the economics development that come together with the tourism (Mohammadi,
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Thus, for the wildlife tourism that can be happen in the protected area it can make the local communities become familiar with it. The previous study state that the local social play an important functions towards their perception either can give a benefits or losses to them (Karanth & Nepal, 2012). The local communities attitude can be form according to their perception towards the tourism impact in the area.
1 The tourism bring a positive advantages towards the local residents. In term of the social aspect the host residents already consider that the tourism as their one opportunities to be able to meet with the other people either from domestic or international. Besides the residents also agree that the tourism are able to provides better services and facilities towards them (Brida et al.,

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