Iraq War Research Paper

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The issue of the Iraq war is still one of the most controversial wars that the United States has ever led. Before the 9/11 attacks, the United States starting a war against Iraq, would have been highly unlikely. In 2003, the United States backed by the United Kingdom, decided to invade Iraq. One of the main reasons that led to this decision was the fact that Iraq was thought to have weapons of mass destruction, which would pose a threat both to the United States of America and, by extension, to the west. Here we are, 14 years later, and the war has had major effects on world politics. In our current time, knowing that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, what were the motivations that led the United States government to start a war in Iraq? Was it a war of necessity? Or were there other motivations behind the invasion? In my presentation, I will attempt to explain the…show more content…
When justifying the invasion of the Iraq war, the Bush administration argued that this is a war of humanitarian intervention. The reasons for intervention according to the humanitarian perspective was that Saddam had been accused of, and I quote, “ forcing Iraqi women to endure horrendous, intolerable cruelty; systematically employing rape, torture and murder for political gain. For example, many human rights groups estimate that nearly 300-thousand Iraqis disappeared since the time Saddam took power in 1979. Thousands of Iraqi women watched in horror as their families were brutally slaughtered. Many of the men were jailed or dragged from their homes in the middle of the night—never to return; their fates unknown” and many more accusations. In the 2001 R2P report, there was an emphasis not just on the "responsibility to react" but the "responsibility to prevent" and the "responsibility to rebuild" as well. This also might be able to bring justification to one of the reasons why the USA chose to invade Iraq and establish a regime
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