Economic Problems Caused By Corruption

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Economic problem caused by corruption What is crime? Crime is defined as an illegal act disciplinary by a country. Becker (2003) claimed that “During the nineteenth century, law in Western state has expanded speedily to reverse the short domination of laissez faire. The law of country will no longer defend the rights of the criminal who commit crimes such as murder, rob or rape but also limit "discrimination" towards particular minorities, collusive business. Crime affects people regardless social status, ages, races, education levels.” The crimes are variety and corruption is one of the hottest issue among crimes nowadays. The problem caused by corruption and the solution to solve the problem will be discuss.

Corruption and can be reflected as cultural phenomena as they are contingent on exactly how the general public knows the rules and what creates the deviation. Certainly, it does not be determined by only on the public but also on particular values and moral value. As an example, Werlin (1973) stated that “corruption as the use of public agency for private necessities”. Great levels of corruption perception could have more demoralizing effects than corruption itself whereas generating bad effects in the economy such as the evolution of institutional instability and the deterioration of the connections between individuals, organizations and federations. Corrupted economies are just not capable to function correctly as corruption stops the

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