Economic Recession In Japan Case Analysis

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Japan is facing the biggest economic recession it could ever face. Since the bubble collapse, Japanese economy has entered a long tunnel of depression for more than two decades. The economic develop rate has been hitting very low during the period, some years even in minus. There was a sign of recovery a few years ago, but there is still no sign of it. This is due to several reasons. The biggest reason is the high burden young people have to pay for the pension given to the elderly. While one elderly was economically supported by 10.8 people in 1965, only 2.8 people is supporting one elderly 50 years later. What is more, many of the people who are more than 65 years old do not understand that the birthrate is very low and the population is decreasing.…show more content…
Another reason is the lack of employees in companies. This situation is causing the employees to work for many hours, causing serious damage both physically and mentally. What is more, the work is not efficiently done and is often not matching the needs. Finally, lack of effort in giving foreign travelers a suitable environment is also a cause to the situation. Japan has many famous destinations, both environmentally and historically. However, many locations, especially in the inner part of Japan, can not give enough support to foreign travelers. This could make the travelers very uncomfortable and give them a bad image of Japan, making them not wanting to come again. To recover the economy, Japan must revive the usage of subsides, find ways to reduce overtime working, and make sure that travel spots are suitable for foreign
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