Economic, Social And Economic Impact On The Development Of Asia Pacific Tourism

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Tourism is a main industry in the society as well as a huge generator of foreign exchange at the national level which proved society with available labor. In this claim, I will indicate the how tourism is impacted by recent economic, social and cultural changes as well as how political and technological changes impact on the development of tourism industry in the Asia Pacific. Do the result of all these changes in development of tourism lead to positive and negative changes for widening and progressing of Asia Pacific tourism? The answer of this question is indicated in the last past of the arguments by using the book of “Tourism and cultural impact”

As well known, Tourism has become one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the global economy. During the development of tourism, the tourism of Asia Pacific are influenced by political, technological, social, cultural and also economic impacts. Economic and social changes rise visitors mobility and tourism demand for goods and services. As technology is important role on defining characterizing as the second system of production and innovation, culture can help to increase the competitiveness of destinations. Political affection can be responsible for safety and tourism policy on tourism development. These impacts makes the notable changes such as favorable also negative on development of tourism in the Asia Pacific.

Economic impact.
Tourism is one of the essential part of the economy of Asia

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