Economic Start Of The Civil War Essay

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or my History project I chose Option A. I believe that one of the biggest contributors to the start of the Civil war was economic issues. The economic start of the Civil War goes all the way back to the start of English settlement in North America. A new economy began in this era and it supported the use of slavery for labor to supply crops and cotton. Plantation owners in the South used slave labor for their own benefit to produce crops at a faster rate which made them more money. The North thought slavery was immoral and wanted Africans to be free citizens like any other person would want to be treated. The south had different opinions from the North because the South made money from slavery and cotton plantations thrived off Africans working for the owners. This was the biggest contributor to the start of the Civil War in my opinion, the economic issues were formed because the North did not want to allow slavery at all.…show more content…
Southern plantations farms mainly made tobacco crops in Virginia, these farms used Africans as the main source of labor in the 1600s. The North thought that using slaves for the plantation owners benefits was not right and they believed Africans had a right to be free citizens. This difference in opinion caused a big issue between the North and the South, this mainly effected the South because Southern farmers relied on cotton plantations and slavery to make money. Cotton began to pick up in popularity in the US because it was so common, but it was not that easy to collect. The South used slavery to make clothes out of cotton before the civil war and relied on slaves for trading. The United Kingdom got involved with the south for cotton trade and made the value of cotton very high, but increased slavery because the United Kingdom wanted more cotton and that would mean more
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