The Benefits Of Biodiversity

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Ecosystem Research Assignment
Georgina Southcott

The aim of this report is to explain why maintaining biodiversity in ecosystems is important, the benefits of biodiversity and how human influenced climate change has caused changes in ecosystems. An ecosystem is a community of lots of different animals, plants and organisms working together to live and use the environment effectively.

Humans haven’t been triggering climate change for a long time, but recent human activities have caused a dramatic change in the climate. Humans influence the changing of climates with a variety of activities which affect the balance of natural environments.

The importance of maintaining biodiversity for functioning ecosystems
Biodiversity is
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The other benefits of biodiversity for people is it provides materials for making things, all of the plants create oxygen (Schuyler, L, 2015).

Biodiversity is important for humans because it provides food. It gives us a varied amount of food and if one item is not being sold due to a shortage or if it’s not in season, there would be another option (Schuyler, L, 2015). Biodiversity is beneficial for humans because there is always something that can be eaten. Farms are one of the benefits of biodiversity for humans. They are a good source of food and most farms don’t affect the environment too badly (Schuyler, L, 2015).

Biodiversity is important for people because it creates materials which can be used to make things which can then be sold (Schuyler, L, 2015). A benefit of biodiversity is it lets people make cloth, paper and craft things wood (Schuyler, L, 2015). Once these items have been made, people can benefit economically because they will be earning money with the items they
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Extinction risks may be caused by human influenced climate change. Some species of animals aren’t able to survive in hot temperatures (NASA, n.d.). Climate change is slowly increasing the temperature of Earth, so some species of animals and plants will become extinct once the Earth’s atmosphere reaches a certain temperature (NASA, n.d.). If climate change impacts on one species, the whole food web will be impacted, so a wide range of other organisms would be affected (NASA, n.d.). If some species do become extinct, it would make life very hard for the other species that can live in the hot weather, because their food sources would start becoming much harder to find. Plants would also dry up and start dying,
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