Summary: Changes In The Ecosystem

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Changes in the ecosystem can occur at any time and can have many different outcomes. In paragraph 17, Darwin tells us about one of his explorations to find the meaning of the struggle for existence he came across something that could serve as great example. He came across a field near Farnham, located in the United Kingdom, where he observed a land that had been enclosed to keep out cattle and allow the Scotch firs to grow without getting eaten or stepped on by any of the animals. Darwin uses another example from paragraph 20, talking about one of his experiments, that he had observed, finding that bees benefit plants in an area that they are located in. Without the bees species, in this case, the humble-bees, the heartsease, and red clover would sooner or later disappear. Field-mice holds…show more content…
Allowing for the biodiversity to come into play. Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms in the world, area, or ecosystem. Not only playing an important role, they help assist the ecosystem in a way that goes unnoticed, such as, “During the dry season, elephants use their tusks to dig for water.” As a result of the elephants and their tusk, it allows for more water sources in areas that lack water. Helping to aid those in need of water to shower, drink, wash clothes and many other things. They not only assist the ecosystem by allowing water sources, they assist the people of Zimbabwe as well. Having them walk shorter distances than walking a mile or more to get water, risking the chance of water spilling out of the buckets they use to carry because it begins to start being heavy for the humans and makes them lose the energy they had previously stored in their

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