Ecotourism Importance

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Ecotourism has many definitions and interpretations but according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO,2002) eco-tourism is the natural is the main motivation of tourists by the observation and contributes to its conservation, and which reduces to negative impacts on the natural and sociocultural environment where it takes place.
Ecotourism is an important segment of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism involves the correct management of ecological, economic and socio-cultural elements involved in tourism. Emphasis laid on long-term planning and looking to the future to ensure that the resources found on the earth today will be available for the next generation.
Ecotourism’s role in the world of tourism has become increasingly important
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• It includes products which are founded on nature.
• It promotes the conservation of biodiversity.
• It consists a learning experience and uses impact management by using a little of natural resources as possible.
• It stresses local participation, ownership and business opportunities, for rural people and cooperation with all stakeholders involved for the importance of sustaining the well-being of local people.
•It involves responsible action on the part of tourists.

Fig 1: Ecotourism as a concept
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Standard of nature: Ecotourism is created on the natural environment and may include social factors. They must do the planning, development, and management of ecotourism for conservation
2. Sustainability: The challenge of ecotourism in any area is to develop capacity and the quality of it without impact to the environment. That is important, confident about location and level of ecotourism do not cause damage to natural areas.
3. Learning about the environment: The characteristic of ecotourism is a key aspect which distinguishes it from other kinds of nature-based tourism. Ecotourism education can support the long-term sustainability of tourist action in natural. A management tool for natural can also be valuable by training
4. More beneficial for Local: The participation of local people not only benefits the community and the environment but also advances the value of the tourist experience. It could consist of applied to being taken in data collection
5. Satisfaction of visitors: Pleasure of visitors with the ecotourism experience is important to the long-term period. The information provided about ecotourism chances should accurately symbolize the opportunities presented in the first particular. Visitor services and pleasure should be second to the

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