Ecstasy Of St. Teresa Analysis

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Ernest Hilbert, born in 1970, grew up in the small area of South Jersey, not too far from his birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hilbert managed to graduate from prestigious colleges such as Rutgers University and Saint Catherine’s College, Oxford, while obtaining Master’s and Doctoral degrees in English Literature. Surprisingly enough, he studied alongside notable poets James Fenton and Jon Stallworthy. Hilbert conquered the art of Sonnet poems, evident in his debut collections, Sixty Sonnets, which released sometime during 2009. Soon enough, Ivy League colleges, such as Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania, began to teach and analyze his works, although it was well overdue. Ernest Hilbert continues to live a relatively…show more content…
In Ecstasy of St. Teresa, the narrator suffers from depression after the split of a cohabit. This is apparent when the narrator mentions that his significant other is, “Disappointed with my library And choice of whiskey—She divested my apartment Of her hair, denuded it of form.” This shows that the woman has stripped her entire existence from his life, and actions like such do take an emotional toll on whoever is on the other side. In times of great anguish, we turn to what comforts us most in order to feel whole, although we are not. The narrator says, “The city’s edge with steam, leaving me with bottles and my old skylight…”. In this excerpt, alcohol is the placater and we know this because of his reference to a bottle. In fact, one can infer that it was not the first kind of incident that happened to the narrator. The landlord supports this inference when mentioning, “ You keep quiet now. You always make too much noise in there when girls come and leave (Hilbert Lines 14-16). These excerpts prove that the relationship the narrator had drove him to carry out actions he would not perform on a day to day basis. His mind and body have been affected by the deletion of his prior

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