Eczema Case Study Essay

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Case 1: Louisa is a 25-year-old white woman who has a history of allergies. She has come to the hospital outpatient unit because of a very stubborn and agonizing case of rashes on her hands and arms. The doctors say it may be eczema and are doing more exact tests to be sure. In the meantime, one thing is certain from her case workup: her problem flares up every time she has a breakup in a relationship. The doctors believe there is a strong body/mind/emotional context to her problem. The hospital practices evidence based medicine and ask you to provide an evidence-based decision as to whether your programs could help in this case.
Case 1: Louisa Age: 25
Presenting problem-Louisa has a history of allergies. Currently, she has a very stubborn and agonizing rashes on hands and arms. Doctors query eczema but would run more tests to be sure.
Diagnosis-Louisa has a history of allergy; and currently has rashes on the skin which doctors opine might be eczema related to body, mind and emotion. The trigger has been observed to be broken relationship. In line with the doctors opinion, it implies the condition is psychosocial mediated. It appears to be Atopic Dermatitis or any
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The study shows the effect is stable even when exposed to usual triggers (Rosenkranz, Davidson, MacCoon, Sheridan, Kalin, & Lutz, 2013). Also, in clinical settings, mindfulness has shown long-term effects of three to four years in cases related to the need of Louisa: relational, forgiveness, autonomy, among others (Shearer, Hunt, Chowdhury, & Nicol,

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