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Ed Gein was an infamous American serial killer who was born in Wisconsin, on August 27th, 1906. Ed Gein grew up with his eldest brother Henry and violent alcoholic father, George P. Gein, with whom he never had a relationship with, in a house that was dictated by his enthusiastically religious mother, Augusta Crafter, and her sermons of sin, Augusta passed on her notion to her children, that all women aside from herself were whores. Gein’s mother ran their humble family business and later on bought a farm on the border of a small town to avoid strangers influencing her two sons. The only time Ed was ever given permission to leave his home was to go to school, where he was preyed on by bullies. Gein’s father passed away in 1940, and his brother in 1944, after a fire that Ed had also been caught in, where he had experienced a head…show more content…
On his expedition of digging up buried bodies, he seeked out help from Gus, a silly farmer, but once Gus had been admitted to a home due to his old age, “Gein became desperate for fresh trophies”, which is what led him to murder the two women. It was after the death of his mother, that Gein began creating a “woman suit”, which he would wear, because he longed to become a woman. Authorities also found out that Ed engaged in necrophilia with bodies he dug up, though he denied it, claiming the corpses “smelled too bad”. One of the police who had questioned Gein, Art Schley, was found guilty of having physically assaulted Ed, by “banging Gein’s head and face into a brick wall.” At the time Gein did not have to attend his trial because of the state of his mental stability, in total he was sent to two mental institutions, one of which eventually became a prison. In 1968, once Gein was finally stable enough to attend trial, he was declared not guilty by reason of insanity. Gein finished off the remainder of his life in hospitals, whilst he was hospitalized, his house burned down, by suspected arson, and Gein’s only response was, “Just as

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