Ed Gein's Shed Analysis

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Imagine the horror movie: the ghoulish murderer, the haunting music, the screams. When the movie is over, everything is fine because the film is not real, But in the small town of Plainfield, Wisconsin life had become a real-life horror movie. On November 16, 1957, local police were investigating the disappearance of Bernice Worden when they stumbled upon Wordens’ dismembered carcass in Ed Gein's shed. Upon finding this the police searched the home finding things they that are unimaginable to most. The police discovered; skull bowls, human skin altered furniture, a corset made of human skin from shoulder to waist, a belt made from human nipples, a young girl's dress, and many other gruesome things. The whole town was scared and shocked that…show more content…
Augusta only let the boys left the house for school and and spent the rest of their time doing chores. Every afternoon Augusta would read the boys the bible. When Ed tried to make friends his mother got mad, most likely leading to his bad social development. Besides not having friends Ed did particularly good in school mostly in reading.
In 1940 Eds father George died of a heart attack. Following the death Ed and Henry began doing odd jobs around town. Everyone considered them trustworthy guys. Ed frequently baby sat and he enjoyed it, he felt he could relate more to children than adults.
Henry was pulling farther and farther away from his mother and her teachings while Ed stayed close. Henry was worried Ed’s relationship with his mother. Henry would talk bad about his mother around Ed. May 16, 1944 a fire started near the farm and the boys went out to put it out. According to Ed, the boys got separated. After the fire was put out Ed went for the cops and told them his brother was missing, yet he led them right to his body. Henry had bruises on his head even though they had their suspicion, they were dismissed.
After Ed’s brother Henry's death Ed's Mother died on November 16, 1945 after a series of strokes. Now Ed was alone in the
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