Ed Roth

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Art, the expression of human ability or imagination. Art is usually expressed visually, but should not only be limited to what you see, It can also be what you hear, or how a piece of art makes you feel. Art is timeless and today we still can appreciate work that was done many years ago. My favorite artist is Ed Roth. He was an artist, cartoonist, illustrator, pinstriper and custom car designer. those who knew Ed best would say his mind was never at rest. He was always working on something, even if it was in his mind. From Ed 's earliest days, he found he had a passion and a talent for drawing. He was born on March 4, 1932, He grew up in a German speaking household. In school Ed learned to speak English and he liked to draw. His father had…show more content…
at the age of 69. One of his most notable works is the Rat Fink, which is a fuzzy green or gray rat who had red coveralls and was always on a motorcycle or driving a car. His Rat Fink was an anti hero to mickey mouse. Ed Roth used bold bright colors, and smooth lines. All off Ed Roth 's works are very cartoon like monsters driving cars or motorcycles, all which are very abstract. He also put his art on clothings also and has a rat fink tee shirt line. Ed Roth inspired a whole generation of artist who wanted to display his work or his brand on their cars, motorcycles, and album covers. Roth fans and enthusiasts include the Cramps and Rob Zombie of White Zombie, whose image is based off of Roth 's art of monsters and being abstract. Indian Larry, an artist and custom bike builder created custom motorcycles, whose paint jobs were all heavily influenced by him. Ed Roth created a brand and started a culture where artist are not limited to only painting something on a canvas, but creating works of art and displaying it on your car or motorcycle, going as far as your mind can take you and displaying that to the world. Ed Roth was not only an artist, but also an innovator whose art was experimental and abstract, but grew to be loved by many so much that to this day it has influenced a whole culture of custom car and motorcycle builders and
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