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Falon McCormick Intro to Mass Media October, 20,2015 Midterm Reflection The creation of the television has impacted society in more ways than ever. Including the radio. Not only could one listen to stories and news, but now, they could see it with their own eyes. TV allowed viewers to access what was going on around them more vividly. Ed Sullivan and Lucille Ball evolved television into a new form of entertainment. Also because of TV, certain major events took a different course of action, such as the Civil Rights Movement. “The Ed Sullivan Show aired from 1948 to 1971 and changed the landscape of American television.” (History of the Ed Sullivan Show) Without the Ed Sullivan Show, talk shows such as Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and the The Daily Show would not be where they are today. Although Ed was not quite as charming on screen as Jimmy Fallon, his rating skyrocketed due to the live performances and famous guests he interviewed. I have never watched the Ed Sullivan Show, but the talk shows that are aired now bring a new light to entertainment and connecting with…show more content…
The media was able to cover the truth of the cruelty behind the show. CBS and ABC both interviewed people of different race to discuss their views on the racial issues in the South. On CBS, a white woman from Birmingham talks about how she sees little racial conflict in her society. She explains that an African-American boy won an art contest and his piece was placed in a whites only gallary not knowing his race. When the boy and his family went to see his art piece, they were not allowed in the building. The woman made a few calls and allowed to boy to see his artwork hung on the gallery wall. However, not only did she miss the fact that he was initially unable to go see his own art work, but she also described him as a “Negro.” The woman did not realize that it was racism in itself. (The Civil Rights Movement and
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