Edamame Case Study

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1. To have an accurate segmentation process can do by differentiate the target market through variables, specify the homogeneous characteristics or same behavior to having prediction on how to reach them or are they the right segment to reach. As well as measuring the market size is important to know how big the target market is and help to prepare for production. Applying this process on Edamame project could get the right segmentation, by starting to determine the value of Edamame product and its impact. Then, identify the right market who needs and want the value of Edamame product by ended up with using three variables to specify the segmentation. The first one is regions: South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, and North Jakarta, because it have higher income compare with other Jakarta regions. The second one is school level.…show more content…
Last, school type. Private school students have much more daily pin money compared with public school students. Therefore, they will purchasing snacks higher than public school. According to the three variables are possible to get the right segmentation which has homogenous characteristics or same behavior. Lastly, measuring the market size by compiling all the data of the population in the region and their income, and the data of the population in private elementary school until senior high school students from three regions. An accurate segmentation could predict market strategy and estimate the snack production. In segmentation, measure and define the primary target market and secondary target market are important. In Edamame project, the primary target market is from private elementary students and junior until senior high school students is the secondary target

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