Eddie Brake In John Grisham's Bleachers

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In John Grisham’s incredible novel Bleachers the inspiring man Eddie Rake acts as a great man by helping make Messina into a great place in order to create success for the entire town.The school and community develop into known places because of the great man Eddie Rake bringing the entire town together on Friday nights. Lives of his players transform completely from the wise words and actions from their great coach, Eddie Rake. Eddie Rake manages to touch each and every one of his players in different ways through his teachings and doings proving his greatness. Eddie Rake loves all his players and shows love towards Neely Crenshaw by visiting him in the hospital after his career ending injury. To explain further, no one who does not love their players would coach for as long as the great man Eddie Rake did and go and see a player while they lie in the hospital hurt. Eddie Rake inspires and teaches all his players to act as hard workers and to never give up which change their lives. For example, when sheriff Mal Brown was off at Vietnam holding on to his life under a boat, he imagines his great Coach Rake telling him to not give up which ends up saving his life. Eddie Rake supports his players decisions and personalities through it all. In more detail, he accepts Nat Sawyer for being gay…show more content…
The town of Messina transforms into a known town. Eddie Rake does this by creating a winning and successful team. The community of Messina never really got together and bonded over anything until Eddie Rake became a part of it. For example, the town now gets together every single Friday night to support the football team they know and love. Eddie Rake did make a few mistakes in his lifetime, but as good man would do, he apologizes completely to the entire community for all of them in the letter that is read during his funeral. Not many people could bring together an entire community like Eddie Rake manages to
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