Eddie's Curse In A View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller

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Eddie’s curse was that Eddie was born completely without luck, and he didn’t have any for 23 years. The Story states that “After the DMV, Eddie’s curse was broken” (Harold 2). Eddie’s curse was broken because he met Mara at the DMV. Eddie’s bad luck has lasted throughout his lifetime. “He was born completely and utterly without luck, January 1, 1990” (Harold 1). Eddie’s bad luck has left him accepting his bad luck, although he was a little frustrated with it at first. For example, “His luckless state kept away the pretty girls. Before they could sit beside him, someone else always grabbed the seat” (Harold 1). After Eddie met Mara, he gets a voicemail from here, stating that he has left his credit card with her tissues. After that, Eddie no
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