Eden Gardens State Park History

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Eden Gardens State Park deserves to more well-known throughout the local community, and to all visitors to the area because of the overall impact the Wesley’s family. The Point Washington Lumber Company the Wesley family created, supported the growing area of the local panhandle. The Wesley family made history in not only the Florida Panhandle, but also in Florida history. Through their impacts on the Point Washington area, there is a state park that is in honor of their contribution to society. The park does however need to explain, and have more details regarding the early life and the struggles of the family when starting the lumber business. Eden Gardens State Park contains a plaque for visitors to read that gives a brief description of…show more content…
The Wesley’s made the decision to begin a company, and as a family the idea was completed. Even though the economic downfalls of the company had to have affected the family, the Wesley’s persevered through the times when the business was not successful and would try again to make their business work. Individuals who visit the park would be inspired to know the difficulties the members of the Wesley family went through in order to support each other. The history of their business needs to be more pronounced when touring the house, or even mentioned somewhere throughout the park. History in the idea of memories, legacies, and factual accounts is the only thing that connect people to past. The past indicates to people what processes and pathways are successful, and it highlights what needs to be changed in the future to make society better. The Wesley’s showed to individuals that perseverance and determination along with a tight-knit family can make a business successful. In addition to this, the Point Washington Lumber Company has also proven that lumber is not the steadiest field of business to go into as the demands of the product fluctuate. In retrospect, individuals can take this example of the past as trying a field of business and watch its growth to see if the outcome is greater than the initial
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