Edgar Allan Poe Accomplishments

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“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed”(goodreads.com), this is a quote by Edgar Allan Poe. “Born January 19, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor Poe 's tales of mystery and horror initiated the modern detective story, and the atmosphere in his tales of horror is unrivaled in American fiction. Poe’s The Raven (1845) numbers among the best-known poems in national literature”(biography.com). Poe’s writing gives entertainment to those who enjoy reading poems that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The story of Edgar Allan Poe started on January 19, 1809 and ended on October 7, 1849. Poe was an American writer, mostly writing short stories and poetry. Poe’s childhood started off a little rough. Poe’s Father and his mother died a couple years after he was born("Poets.org"). Poe was then taken to Richmond, Virginia to live with his foster family John Allan("Poets.org"). Poe’s schooling had a great influence on his writing career later on. Poes adopted father, Allan, paid for Poe’s schooling at the University of Virginia, but later Poe had to drop out because Allan refused to pay for Poe’s gambling debt("Poets.org"). Then Poe moved back…show more content…
This poem’s theme is about a knight in search of Eldorado, the city of gold, where he goes around the world but he never finds it. The main conflict of the poem can be explained in one line, “In search of Eldorado”("Poets.org"). Ultimately, he becomes old after years of searching. This poem has a visual pattern, every section of the poem has six lines, the rhyme scheme of the poem repeats itself for three paragraphs. However, the last paragraph has one small change, because the two first lines don’t rhyme("Poets.org"). The language in the poem would be identified as middle english which sets up the poem’s setting("Poetry Foundation"). It has more of a medieval feel making the speaker sound like he has a
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