Edgar Allan Poe: An Influential American Poet

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When Edgar was a child, his mother passed away, and his dad left soon after. Poe did receive a foster mother, but she passed away later as well. When Edgar was eighteen years of age, he left to go to Boston and made his first collection of poems. Poe was still very depressed from his foster mother 's death and attended therapy. In his older years, Allan added another volume of poems to his resume. He lived in Baltimore for the next couple years with his aunt and cousin. Poe remarried a woman named Virginia, but she passed away with tuberculosis. Poe died of a brain disease and was buried close to his grandpa. Poe may have been the most influential American writer of all time. Because of his assortment of stories, he set a different way of calligraphy for literature. Edgar was always documenting all sorts of things, thus the diversity in his compositons. Of all of the variety in his writing his colossal is in the murder mystery.…show more content…
Edgar is also honored in different pieces of horror. However, Poe is honored in a lot of things because of his creative approaches to literature and his powerful voice. Because of his powerful voice, many of his stories cannot be denied. He is also recognized because he is able to make quick decisions. Allan used his way of condensation and applied it to poetry. An dissertation about Poe sums up his biggest help in poetry, his repetition of his thinking in different ways that sets him apart from other writers. Poe was a very respected writer because of his style of writing. Allan always believed in not the fame of the writer but of the work of the
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