Edgar Allan Poe Biography

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American writer, editor, and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe was best known for his shirt stories and poetry. He was called “the father of the detective story,” since he was the master of suspense. His “dark writing, coupled with his mysterious death, has made him one of the most famous macabre figures in history.” (The Biography.com website) Edgar Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. Edgar was the second of three children, Rosaline and Henry. Their parents were Elizabeth and David. Within three years of Edgar’s birth, both of his parents died. Edgar and his siblings were split up to live with different families. Edgar was adopted by a wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allan and his wife, Frances Valentine Allan. Edgar grew up in a safe…show more content…
He also published some of his own works in the newspaper including “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.” Poe was living in Richmond with his aunt, Maria Clemm and her daughter, Virginia. “His young cousin, Virginia, became a literary inspiration to Poe as well as his love interest.” (The Biography.com website) In 1836, Poe and Virginia got married. Despite Poe’s success in managing the paper and increasing the circulation, he left due to poor salary. In 1837, published a few of his books in New York and Philadelphia, but received no money. In 1840 he joined George R. Graham as an editor for Graham 's Magazine. Due to the increase in popularity, Poe left Graham’s magazine to start his own, but it ended up failing. In the late 1830’s, Poe published a collection of stories and won a literary prize in 1843. By 1845, he became known as a “literary sensation.” On October 3rd, Poe was found at Gunner’s Hall, lapsing in and out of consciousness. He was unable to recall what happened to him and died on October 7th, 1849. Although Poe had struggled financially throughout his life, he has become “one of America’s most enduring writers.” (The Biography.com website) His stories and poems still continue to surprise and amaze present-day
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