Edgar Allan Poe Figurative Language Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe Living with fear in every corner, waiting for death in every hall, Poe experiences all of it and only had one way to express himself; and that was through his writing. Fear, something that can be helpful to stop the human mind from making a life changing decision. Fear is helpful because it helps restraint us from the bad. Fear is harmful as well because it can cause the body to be so scared it can cause the person to be paranoid.¨The Tell-Tale Heart,¨ and ¨The Masque of Red Death¨ are stories of Poe´s, all show fear with symbols, irony and figurative language. Poe had fear all throughout his life, he feared of losing all the people important to him, because it happened so often. In all three stories Poe shows all main characters having some sort of fear, all in a different way. Poe uses symbolism throughout his stories to show the way fear engulfs the characters. In ¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ Poe uses symbols to show why the man wants to kill the old man. In the story Poe uses the old man's eye as a symbol. The eye is what causes the man to go crazy and kill the sick old man. “he had the eye of a vulture...a pale blue eye,…show more content…
It is used to make the story come alive in the reader's head to get and imagine even better. In “The Tell-Tale Heart” Poe uses a lot of similes to make objects more realistic. The narrator stated, “His eye was like the eye of a vulture”. The author uses this simile to show how ugly and scary the old man's eye really was. Using the vulture as an example makes the reader envision it as repulsive and something not wanted to be seen. In the story there is also foreshadowing. “Listen! I will tell you how it happened” said the narrator. The narrator is foreshadowing that something big happened in the story to make him just lose it and go crazy. He is letting us know that something good or bad might happen but we just have to go
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