Edgar Allan Poe Literary Structure Analysis

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From The Fall of the House of Usher to Annabel Lee, from Tell-Tale Heart to The Raven, author Edgar Allan Poe has been thrilling readers with his gothic stories since 1824. Poe has an amazing ability to write poems and short stories that captivate readers with his gothic murder works. When Poe first start to write in the 20’s there weren’t many works of the gothic genre so his works were some of the first of his time. Poe also was in the military at west point which could lead to his views he portrays in his stories as he was 21 one years old. But he was kicked out of the military shortly after because he was convicted of two charges gross neglect of duty and disobedience of orders. Because of this could be one of the reasons why Poe writes…show more content…
By Poe using these it changes and municipalities the readers view of the story and what going on. In the short story Tell-Tale Heart the narrator goes through his process of killing a man in his room. After he does it he start to panic as officers come to his house. “ Was it possible they heard not? Almighty God! No, No! They heard! -They suspected- They knew! They Were making a mockery of my horror”. In the begin of the story the narrator use long length sentence to sound educate to the reader. But now he using short sentence to show his panic to the reader. As the reader reads this part of the text they begin to read it at a quicker pace given them a sense of his fear also. In the Poem the Raven the narrator use reption to affect how the reader sees the world of Poe. “ Then the bird said “Nevermore”... “Of Never-Nevermore”... Meant in the croaking Nevermore.” At the end of most stanza in the text he repeat the phrase nevermore. This relates to the theme of the text and the mood as it shows the darkness of the world in how he will never see his wife again. The reader's from this can see the theme of Poe’s works as they all result around darkness and death in the…show more content…
The house literal shows the house falling and how the house is no longer there. The figurative of the house falling is the fall of the family name as there are no more Usher left. This effects the reader as it shows a theme to the story of darkness and destruction as the actions of the Usher lead to the house falling unveiling a theme to the story. Poe also shows symbolism in his poetry as in his poem Annabel Lee he use symbolism to affect the mood of the story.”In this kingdom by the sea) That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.” The wind in this also shows something literal and figurative, as it is literal a wind from the Angels that killed her. But also the wind represents sickness and disease as the wind spread it to causing her to die. Because of this it changes the mood of the story as it went from a story about love to her dying. This also goes with Poe’s theme of darkness and

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