Edgar Allan Poe Personification Analysis

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First, Poe uses personification in his writing to compare a lifeless object, animal, or an idea made to act like a human. Personification can help reveal the thesis in this essay by providing examples in the story. Poe applies personification to support the thesis and how it effectively helps this topic. In the beginning of the story, the narrator drinks alcohol which is called “Demon Alcohol”. The narrator becomes an alcoholic. In this section, the narrator introduces us to his cat named Pluto and a wife. They both love animals and has a great quantity of pets. Poe writes “During this time, my personality completely changed for the worse. I am ashamed to admit it. This change happened thanks to the help of the Demon Alcohol”(Poe 11). The narrator says “Demon Alcohol” instead of alcohol because the alcohol took him over like a demon.…show more content…
The narrator grew moody and irritable day by day because of alcohol changing his personality. The thesis can also be revealed by another quote informing personification. Another example of Poe using personification is when the narrator frightened Pluto and nipped his hand. The narrator took a penknife from his vest and deliberately cut one of its cats eyes. Poe states “It is true that the lost eye looked frightful”(Poe 20). When the narrator says “the lost eye looked frightful” the narrator states that because the lost eye reminds him of being frightful. This evidence proves that everyone has perverseness because the narrator made a wrong choice cutting Pluto’s eye . The narrator did this because he drank alcohol .Pluto lost an eye because of his actions and it doesn’t seem to stop from
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