Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall Of The Usher House

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While there is no doubt about the broken minds as depicted, the author conveys the message of the difference between rational and irrational. If the message here was to create yet another single effect, then it can be argued that Poe, masterfully created just that. The message from this poem is one of attempt to closure and that it is impossible to separate the physical body from its soul. There are several different directions one can go while analyzing this poem. Roderick fears his own fear; so much so that he foresees his own death. Everyone with basically knowledge is capable to realize that fear will trigger a switch in our own id and as a result will produce a distorted perception of any object or situation. The statement “While the objects…show more content…
The author sets the story in the midst of fall. Thus, signifying a time of change. One can argue that fall illustrates the common ground between winter (death) and summer (life). By leading this conclusion, then we are left with a sense of completeness. As previously mentioned, this poem can be perceived in several different ways. Perhaps when Roderick states that his illness stem from Madeline; “[…] tenderly beloved sister, his sole companion for long years, his last and only relative on earth” indicates a rather incestuous relationship. While this statement might not mean anything, it certainly leaves the reader thinking that their relationship falls far beyond a normal brother/sister relationship. Furthermore, the dependence on each other seems to be destructive. Moreover, it can be argued that Madeline and Roderick are two halves of one body representing body and mind. Throughout the whole poem, Madeline is depicted in a way that always connects/resembles to Roderick. By following this line of thought, then Madeline is just part of his own mind. Regardless of the real intention behind Poe’s goal was, the main theme throughout the poem seems to point to one of melancholy and
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