Edgar Allan Poe's Thro-Personal Narrative

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I wake up, confused and petrified. I remember a war happening between people and… and what? I can not recall what the people were fighting. I feel I am on the ground with my eyes closed so when I opened them I was greeted with an unfamiliar landscape.” It appears to be a cave of some sort.” I mumbled unintelligibly. Wanting to get off the ground, I try to lift myself,but later after trying that I realize I have no arms or a body for that fact. I soon realize I am dead. I have become a ghost with amnesia which is just great in my case because I have no idea where I am at or who is here. After a while, I learn to float around which helps me with my predicament of having no limbs of any sort. After floating around for a while I get tired so I bed down in a pile of leaves. I go to bed back to the inky blackness that is sleep. A sharp pain pierces my side (which I thought ghost could not feel pain) which makes me wince and turn to see…show more content…
I break away and fly around the city. I get a bunch of weird looks with a combination of normal looks from the locals. Weirdly enough what I mean by locals is some skeletons and other configurations of beings. Another thing that throws me off is the fact of the snow not crunching under my feet because of my lack of limbs. After wandering around I find a library which is amazing how neat they keep their history. Reading up on the history, I come across an answer of what the war was about. The war was people versus these innocent monsters which they lost the war and were trapped in this cave. It saddened me to think how the poor girl got trapped in here. was she bullied by the other monsters. Was that why she had the red circle around her eye. After a while of thinking up a storm, I hurried to find the only person in this place to check if she was
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