Edgar Allen Poe: The Final Days Of Edgar Allan Poe

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EDGAR ALLAN POE I. Introduction A. Being stuck in a nightmare, cornered in the darkest corner of the mind, panicking, trying to wake up but can’t! B. When dreaming, the mind is unconscious, pulling out all the thoughts of what is feared the most. C. Edgar Allan Poe used stories from his own dreams and distorted mind to create his horror stories. II. Body Paragraphs A. Poe Searched for a logical reasoning for each dream. B. How Edgar Allan Poe’s writing contribute to our society today. C. Edgar Allan Poe; The man himself. D. Edgar Allan Poe; The “Struggling Writer” III. Conclusion A. Logical reasoning or plagues of the mind. B. A lifetime of achievements C. The Final Days of Edgar Allan Poe D. The Memoir of Edgar Allan Poe Lying in a bed in the middle of the night and then suddenly awaking to a dark shadow in the corner of a room. Heart beating rapidly, trying to scream but can’t! Once reality kicks in, one can only realize that it was just a bad dream. The average person would want to get it out of the mind. This is not true for Edgar Allan Poe. He relived each moment of horror by writing it into a poem or short story. What Poe could have been suffering from was Sleep Paralysis that sometimes causes nightmares. What would happen is that a person would wake up suddenly; transitioning between being asleep and fully awake. This is often a horrible feeling that feels so real. Whereas the average
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