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Abimbola J. Omotehinse Dr. Lonnie McCray English 214 December 4, 2016. Edgar Allen Poe, Ligeia Review Edgar Allen Poe’s Ligeia is a story that challenges the school of thought that death is the end of human beings. In the story, the author envisions his first love, Ligeia, prevail over death and reincarnate in the body of Lady Rowena his new wife. The narrator’s desire for his second wife to be Ligeia was so strong that he eventually willed it to existence. He described Ligeia as a strange and rare beauty who had a white skin, a raven-black hair, a delicate profile, an elegant mouth, and a bright smile. Whereas of his second wife, Lady Rowena, all he had to say was that she was fair-haired and blue-eyed. The author takes the stance of the bereaved husband who fell into despair after the loss of his loving wife to the cold hands of death. He tries to numb his pain by turning to opiates but fails to find solace. He then thought that getting married again would give him a replacement of his dead…show more content…
Gothic fiction is characterized by romance, horror, death, mystical representations, hallucinations, and some haunted locations. Although Ligeia at first looks like a love story, it can be classified a classic gothic fiction because of the narrator’s emphasis on certain body parts which he used as the basis of describing people. The narrative adds the element of romance to the resurrection of Ligeia by observing the incarnate Ligeia from the eyes of a lover beholding the love of his life resurrect and come back to him. It is the strange mixture of love and death, all set in a strange and frightening old abbey that gives the story its gothic feel. The story dramatizes the unconscious longings and desires of the narrator to see his lost love again, and it gives these longings the physical shape of Ligeia’s body come back to life. The love story then reverts the murder and disintegration present in a horror

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