Edgar Allen Poe's The Lais Of Marie De France

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From Lais The work of Marie De France who was an English poet from 1150-1200 the "Lais of Marie de France" is a book of twelve poems in a certain order called a “lay”. That was written at an unknown time during the 12th century. One of the main reasons why the theme of adoration and pride, and all things considered gentlemen or refined women. While Marie makes little action to show an intelligent message through her poems honestly in truth, every poem written in Lais considers an alternate component of adoration and life – certain topics do reflect the meaning all through. The stories in which she wrote were more as fables. Although little is known about Maria’s like it is possible that she was a nun. In reading “Las of Marie de France” comparing it to the criteria of Edgar Allen Poe’s Poetic Principle, there are styles that he would consider good writing. The writing style written by France is best described as “The relationship between courdy love and feudal society; the depiction of…show more content…
His style of writing he was in favor of when reading short stories and the endings of his works would be unexpected ending or unexpected event in the writing. Poe wrote his tales to read as “stories”. Reading “The Poetic Principle”, “Lais” has the criteria for good poetry. Both Poe’s work and France has similar readings both as tales. “After the lapse of half an hour, at the very utmost, it flags — fails — a revulsion ensues — and then the poem is, in effect, and in fact, no longer such.”(Poe) The poem Marie De France is long but the poem is thought-provoking. France’s work is inspired by ancient Greek and romans to create things to be both entertaining and morally instructive. Poe would approve of short story in the lay “Chevere Foil”, This writing influenced the other
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